Surveillance & Counter-Measure

Physical Surveillance 

We offer the most up to date surveillance techniques similar to those used by the United States Government.  We are capable of employing surveillance teams to subtly keep an eye on any situation. All surveillance technicians are trained, and can adapt to any environment or circumstance the client requires. The difficulty of surveillance will generally be based on: the environment, the awareness of the subject, the resources available, and the objectives. These variables function together. Whether you require a surveillance team or a single technician, we are capable of fulfilling all static and mobile surveillance needs.

Surveillance equipment 

We offer a variety of surveillance equipment and software to individuals, businesses, schools, private investigators, agencies, and assisted living facilities. We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, in-vehicle dash cameras, trail cameras, drones, safes, hidden cameras like nanny cams, wearables, bug detectors and GPS trackers that attach to important assets you need to protect. We offer individual devices as well as customized solutions and professional installation of our products.

Counter Surveillance 

We offer various products and services allowing our clients to identify surveillance. We specialize in surveillance detection, by utilizing tactics and techniques used by intelligence agencies around the world.