High-Threat Protection

Our innovative security teams are uniquely tailored for specific operating environments, and can provide effective protection and intelligence solutions to our clients. Our operatives are trained and experienced in providing protection in high-risk areas utilizing military tactics as well as protective services tactics.

We employ experienced operatives who come from military, local, state and federal law enforcement backgrounds and who have been specifically trained in incident-avoidance, surveillance detection, human intelligence collection, protective intelligence modeling. cyber and physical advance work, command post operations, protective formations, tactical driving, motorcades, close quarter combat with small arms, intermediate weapons, improvised weapons, empty hands techniques and first aid.  Regardless of background, agents are also screened for their abilities to perform their duties in a professional and discrete manner.

Our security teams are highly vetted for a specific skill-set including: precision marksmanship, reconnaissance and surveillance, clandestine trade-craft, urban survival instruction, and communications.

HIGH THREAT Protection



Before he can hoist a suitcase filled with $385,000 from the back of an unmarked Chevy Suburban in Silver Lake, Keiko Arroyo first has to set aside an AR-15 rifle draped over his left leg, step out from the passenger seat, and avoid an electric bike perched alongside Sunset Boulevard. While his partner, James King, keeps a watchful eye, Arroyo circles to the back of the vehicle and pulls out an inconspicuous suitcase, its grayish color and roller wheels belying the stacks of cannabis cash inside.

High-Threat VIP Protection Drill (Sponsored By: Fab Defense)

High risk operations training warranted to meet and exceed training standards established by state board regulatory agencies in all fifty states in the United States of America. Training exercise simulates a real world scenario in a High-Threat environment. (FAB-Defense® is a registered trademark of FAB Manufacturing & Import of Industrial Equipment Ltd.)